Advantages of buying real estate in Lithuania

Advantages of buying real estate in Lithuania

Lithuania is now a full member of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement. This means that with a Lithuanian visa or a Lithuanian residence permit, you can go to any Schengen country, including Germany.

The Lithuanian SSR was in Soviet times our accessible part of Europe, people from all over the vast country came here to look at medieval architecture, walk through narrow streets, drink real coffee... Weekend trips to Vilnius "for coffee" were very popular among Minsk residents. Now all suitable conditions for living and working have been created for Russian-speaking people, it is only necessary to fulfill the necessary requirements for this. One of the requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania is, of course, the presence of residential real estate in the property. This is understandable: how can you live in a country without a roof over your head....

There are three types of residence permits. The first and most common is residence on a visa. A person who owns a house in Lithuania or an apartment in Lithuania is issued a visa with a permit to stay in Lithuania for up to 180 days a year. This is usually enough. People live in Lithuania usually during the warm part of the year, living the rest of the time in their own country.
Often the visa period is not enough, and then a person needs to obtain a residence permit of the second type - a temporary residence permit. It is issued for a period of one year, so it is called temporary. The advantage of this type of permit is that a person can live in Lithuania and another Schengen country for the whole year without leaving the Schengen countries.

The third type of residence permit in Lithuania is a permanent residence permit. It is issued after five years of obtaining a temporary residence permit. Citizenship can be obtained in another five years.

There is no language barrier in Lithuania, almost everyone speaks Russian. When visiting Lithuania, you do not need to speak English, you can address everywhere in Russian. This is one big advantage for living, because until a person learns the language of the host country, he has big problems and expenses for translations, accountants and translators. In Lithuania, you can safely use the Russian language in cafes, restaurants, shops, as well as in tax and other government agencies, in banks.

Lithuania has beautiful nature, clean ecology.

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