Residence permit in Lithuania

What is a residence permit in Lithuania?

A residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania (residence permit in Lithuania) is a document that is issued to a foreigner and grants him the right to temporarily reside in the Republic of Lithuania. This temporary residence permit is issued for one year.

What gives a residence permit in Lithuania?

Of all European countries at the moment in Lithuania obtaining a residence permit is the easiest and cheapest, but the residence permit contains many advantages. For example, you get the opportunity to freely enter Lithuania and stay in the country as long as the residence permit is valid, you can also make visa-free travel to the Schengen countries, without any restrictions, including the time of stay.

Plus, you can easily get visas to the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and many other countries in which to obtain a visa for CIS citizens is extremely difficult. The presence of a residence permit gives the opportunity to work in Lithuania and other EU countries under the contract, to receive quality medical care, to study at various universities in Europe. Also buy and operate in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries cars from the EU, without customs clearance and without paying transport tax.

How to get a residence permit in Lithuania?

A necessary condition for obtaining a residence permit is the presence of your property in Lithuania and a registered individual enterprise. After fulfilling these conditions, you will only have to submit documents to the migration Department of the Republic of Lithuania with our help and wait for a positive result.

Buying property in the property, according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, to obtain a residence permit you need to have a minimum of 14 sq. m. of usable area per person. At registration of real estate on a family or friends it is optional to buy to everyone separate apartment or the house, and it is enough to get one living space on all, but taking into account the requirements described above. For example, a family of three people will have an apartment or house with a usable area of 42 sq. m.

After buying a property in Lithuania, you will need to register a company in Lithuania. Our company "BaltEstate" specializes in the opening of an individual enterprise (IP), because it is much cheaper for the customer to service and easier to report. With the help of our company, the opening of an individual enterprise will not be difficult. You only need to choose the name of the company, and the rest we will do for you by proxy.

After buying a property and opening an individual enterprise, you will only have to submit documents to the migration Department in Lithuania. Your personal presence is required when submitting documents. Our company will accompany you and help you to arrange all the necessary documents. You also have the opportunity to apply for a residence permit at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in your country of residence.

Amendments to the law "on the situation of foreign persons in Lithuania" came into force on 1 November 2014.

The essence of the amendments is that from November 1, 2014, a company in Lithuania (individual enterprise or CJSC) must work for at least six months before submitting documents for a residence permit to the migration Department, as well as it is necessary to employ at least three citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or foreign persons permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania on a full-time basis.

The value of the equity capital of the enterprise must be at least 28 thousand euros, of which at least 14 thousand euros-investments or other property of the applicant for a residence permit in Lithuania, if he is the head of the enterprise.

The positive point is that now the extension of the residence permit can be issued for two years at once, and not for one as before.

The concept of a "fictitious" enterprise is also introduced, according to which legal entities will be checked for conducting real activities in the Republic of Lithuania.

A foreign person may also be refused a replacement or a residence permit in Lithuania if he / she has more than one delay in payment of all relevant taxes.


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