House in Lithuania - near and inexpensive

House in Lithuania - near and inexpensive

If you like slowness, tranquility, Lithuania will be the best place for you.
It is really quiet, there is no need to keep track of their belongings, fear of attack or robbery. In the country it is clearly visible that Lithuanians have lived with Russians for a long time, but this does not mean that there is nothing of European chic. On the contrary, the standard of living is quite high, the service is wonderful, and the prices of real estate are small.

In Lithuania, among the amazing landscapes and historical places, you feel yourself caught in a time machine in the middle ages, but with European comfort. You will be happy to visit the amazing towns, visit the old churches, just walk through the old curved streets. Lithuanian cuisine, undoubtedly, will please quite usual for Russians dishes, purely Lithuanian tsepellinami and other very tasty dishes, a good addition will be Lithuanian drinks-local kvass, beer. There is no scorching sun, but cold, cold, as in Chukotka, too, will not find. Another undoubted advantage – tourists are not on the main streets is not so much, although good hotels have already been built. You can safely do what you want, learn Lithuanian culture.

Buying a plot or a house in Lithuania, you invest in your prosperous future. Lovers of recreation near the lakes will find here a lot of family hotels near the water, and they cost less than in other similar European resorts.In Lithuania there are excellent sanatoriums, for example, Druskininkai hospitals, which are known since Soviet times. The water there is famous for its incredible purity, which heals the body and heart, calms the nerves. Of course, the beaches here are also available on the Baltic sea, you can relax with the whole family and even swim in the heat as much as you want.

And what a pleasure to have here your house near the forest or lake! If you want to improve your health, there are opportunities, buy a small house or apartment near the thermal springs.It will take no more than two weeks to register the purchased property– this is a prerequisite for buying a home here. The choice is surprising, and you can choose from a variety of options, but still, it is desirable to determine in advance what you will buy-a house or an apartment. In Lithuania, new buildings are built relatively little, rarely, builders prefer to build high-quality, European.

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