How is the real estate purchase transaction in Lithuania? How long does it take to be in Lithuania?

1. Registration of real estate ownership

For registration of real estate in the property requires your presence, or a notarized power of attorney, but necessarily translated into Lithuanian (apostille needed). Sale and purchase transactions and other actions with real estate in Lithuania are registered by the state notary.

2. Process of registration

Notary in the preparation of the transaction for the purchase and sale of real estate orders three working days certificate of alienation of real estate in Lithuania. Thus, the minimum period of preparation of the purchase and sale transaction is not less than three working days. These certificates are paid and have a limited shelf life-30 calendar days. After ordering these certificates within 30 days you can not order a deal on this property elsewhere. This can be regarded as a guarantee of transparency, reliability and legality of real estate transactions in the Republic of Lithuania.

After making an advance, the offer is reserved for the buyer and is no longer offered to third parties. Therefore, the advance is irrevocable (if the transaction breaks the seller, the Deposit is returned). The amount of the advance is negotiable. Usually 500 euros. In other cases-as agreed by the parties, you can immediately make the entire amount.

3. You became the owner

After signing the contract of sale at the notary, we send the documents to the registration Center (Register). The registration period you can choose, most often it is from urgent registration for one day, up to 10 working days. At the end of the term, your property will be registered and you will receive a statement of ownership.  Congratulations! Now you are the owner!

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